Prospective Members

I’m Interested in Greek Life. Where Do I Start?

We encourage all interested women to research and review all sororities on their campus in order to find the best organization for them, as Sigma Lambda Upsilon/Señoritas Latinas Unidas Sorority is a commitment Hasta La Muerte.

All Greek-lettered organizations have recruitment processes that introduce interested members to their organization. We advise you to reach out to the Chapter President about opportunities to connect and engage with members. The national website of the organization and local programming from its members on your campus can also provide insight to help assist you in your decision. We wish you the best of luck in your endeavors in selecting the best fit for you!

Why SLU?

By joining Sigma Lambda Upsilon, you:

  • Commit to servicing your campus and the communities around you through your leadership.
  • You establish and maintain lifelong bonds with like minded individuals who seek to promote unity, empowerment, and engagement in the spaces you occupy.
  • Expand the skills you need to boost your personal and professional development for life after college.

We seek members who are interested in living out the goals and ideals of the sorority to advance and/or restructure the world around us. Our Hermanas do this in the everyday work performed on their campuses, teaming up with organizations created by and for marginalized groups. We do this in the workforce, dismantling the status quo that says women aren’t capable or leadership-worthy. We lead by example and we take action starting at the collegiate level, working our way up.

If you would like to learn more about our organization and how to pursue membership, we encourage you to review our list of current undergraduate and Graduate/Professional chapters nearest your area. It is best to communicate with the Hermanas from the school in which you attend or the one closest to you and attend programs being hosted by that chapter. From there, Hermanas will advise you of the next steps.

If your college or university is not located at an existing active chapter, our Expansion team will work with you in hopes of establishing our sorority on your campus. Please contact us by filling out our Expansion Inquiry form, and our National Director of Expansion will contact you with additional details shortly thereafter.

Expansion Inquiry Form