The National Performance Team

BlackListed: The National Performance Team proudly represents Sigma Lambda Upsilon/Señoritas Latinas Unidas Sorority, Inc. at national step and stroll competitions, as well as exhibitions and special events. Founded in the Spring of 1999, BlackListed prides itself on breaking the mold with each performance and providing a unique twist to the conventional step and stroll show by infusing the sounds of our different cultures into our innovative choreography and overall routines. With current headquarters in New York City, the team travels nationwide to serve our Hermandad and the larger Greek community.

The “traditional step and stroll show” is not an all-encompassing representation of who BlackListed is, therefore, the team does not confine itself to that mold. Instead, BlackListed creates its own realm where passion meets creativity and innovation. Our performances are a culmination of various aspects of our culture, both as a Latina-based organization and as members of a Greek-lettered organization. While demonstrating the organization’s goals and ideals, we exemplify cultural enrichment through our signature technique of stepping with claves. Introduced to the Hermandad in 1999, claves are embedded in an integral part of our organization’s history.

We are committed to our team values (S.C.R.I.P.T): Sisterhood. Creativity. Resilience. Innovation. Passion. Teamwork

Today, BlackListed serves the Hermandad on a larger scale by providing development opportunities to Hermanas nationwide via our step and stroll tutorials on our website, helping Hermanas live a healthier lifestyle through our fitness and wellness initiative—Fit for a Señorita—and by assisting with expansion and regional chapter efforts by spreading our Sigma Lambda Fire to campuses nationwide our BlackListed College Tour.

Most recent wins:

2017 – 1st Place Sorority Champions at LUL’s Strolling Of The Bulls 9, University of South Florida
2016 – 1st Place Sorority Champions at LUL’s Strolling Of The Bulls 8, University of South Florida
2016 – 1st Place Sorority Champions at Pace University’s Step & Stroll Competition, Pace University
2016 – 1st Place Sorority Champions at LUL’s Fight Knight Stroll Competition, Rutgers University New Brunswick
2016 – 2nd Place at LSU’s Hype Night Step & Stroll Competition, Montclair University

For more information, please visit the official BlackListed website or YouTube page to check out our performances.